Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Ohby-Quick, or The Cat

Ohby-Quick, written in 1851, recounts the adventures of the West Highland Terrier Puppy, Kickwheel, as tries to survive the neighborhood of Tightwad under the command of his Alpha, Captain Sand Dab.

Kickwheel soon realizes that the neighborhood of Tightwad is under attack by a cat of enormous size with a killer disposition.  The dogs from Tightwad cry out "Oh be quick, its the cat!" and run for their lives.  Kickwheel soon learns that Captain Sand Dab is not trying to avoid Ohby-Quick but is seeking revenge on the great enormous cat who is infamous not only for his giant size and his ability to terrorize all dogs. 

Captain Sand Dab lost his tail as the result of his first encounter with the monstrous cat. It soon becomes clear that the Captain is bent on revenge and he intends to get Ohby-Quick no manner the peril to Kickwheel.